Reading naturally program

A reading naturally program or a standardized curriculum that serves no one seems to be the choice for today’s teachers and children. Curriculum should be a tool to assist the teacher when teaching a child. Any parent and every teacher knows that no two children learn the same. So how could one curriculum work for thousands of kids?

Let’s take a simple example. 83% of homeschooled children read at grade level, even if the parents are high school dropouts! But only 35% of public schooled children read at grade level. There are two major advantages the homeschool mom has: small class size and curriculum choice.

Nearly every homeschool parent who bought Rocket Phonics told me they’ve tried many other reading programs, but yours works. In fact, if you look at UCLA’s study on Rocket Phonics you will notice that the average student participating was a year below grade level. Our program embeds all the well known research into a series of games. Children naturally love to play games and the games are designed to teach them how to read.

But these homeschooling moms had a choice to stop trying to get the child to fit the curriculum and choose a curriculum that fits the child. Public school teachers simply don’t have that choice. The must use the curriculum their district tells them to.

Start With Curriculum Choice

However, curriculum choice is an option that every public school teacher could have but is seldom given. For example, in the late ’80s, public schools switched from phonics to whole language. At the time I was president of the board of a school district in Southern California. A teacher wrote to me asking if she could use the phonics curriculum she was used to because her kids learned to read. The superintendent was indignant and said absolutely not.

Every mom with more than one child knows that no two children learn the same way. One curriculum for all the students in the district may be efficient, but it can’t be effective and every teacher knows it. Like the homeschool mom, each teacher should have a choice of curriculum. They’re already being tested why not let them choose their curriculum.

If you want a natural reading program that honors the heart of the child consider Rocket Phonics. It implements all the reading research and embeds it in a series of games. The child learns both to read and to love.